What is ACH?
Angel Healing
What is ACH?

What is Angelic Core HealingĀ®?

Angelic Core Healing is a healing system designed by the Angelic Kingdom to assist healers into coming into their full spiritual power and mastery. There are various stages of the awakening process and with each level of consciousness activated, support is needed. The Archangels and Ascended Masters assist with this support on the Angelic Core Healing course. By working alongside the Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters the healers builds confidence in their spiritual gifts and connects with their own Divine Knowledge.
The ACH course is filled with practical healing techniques, meditation processes and theory. Each level of Angelic Core Healing is an activation of various levels of the Angelic Light Body of the healer. Within ACH the healers becomes aware of their own specific connection to Spirit of Light and their Multi-dimensional Gateways and spiritual team.   


As with any learning course, whatever the student puts in they will get out, this is certainly the case for this course. The ACH healer is expected to meditate at least 40 minutes per day to help support their own spiritual awakening.
The ACH levels 1 and 2 serve the purpose of bringing the healers through the Process of Planetary Consciousness whilst ACH Level 3 and 4 bring the healers into the Universal and Cosmic Consciousness.


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