Angel Healing

Angelic Core Healing® Frequently Asked Questions
Who do the ACH healers work with spiritually? The ACH healers work through the Christed Channels, this means we work through the Office of the Christ - when we say the Christ, it is not meant in religious terms at all, Christ means the part of us connected to Source of Light and Love.

The ACH healers also work with Various Angelic Races of Light and Archangels and also the Ascended Masters of Light and Love. As the healers progress through the various levels, the healers also work with Various Goddesses of Light too and ultimately proceeding to working on a Soul Level. The Angelic Core Healers are in service of Father Mother God as are all the Angelic Beings we work with through the A.C.H. courses.

Are there attunements & initiations? Yes thereare attunements and initiations. Attunements are awakening and recalibrating the energy field to awaken inherent Angelic DNA light codes within the healer's energy field.

There are some initiations into some of the Archangel Houses or Angelic Families e.g. the Healing House of Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.

Usually on a weekend course, there are 4 attunements – all these attunements are to activate the Angelic Light Body of the healer and attune the healer to feeling the specific Archangel or Ascended Master.

What's involved in the ACH process? Each level consists of 2 separate weekends, these weekends are set at least 8 weeks apart to allow for integration of the healing frequencies into the healer's energy field and consciousness.

After each weekend course it is expected that the healer partakes in Angelic Healing Meditations and Self-healing daily for at least 40 mins to assist with the activation of the healer's Angelic Light Body.

The Healer takes the course level in his or her own time and pace – although it is preferred for the healer to complete the 2 weekends in the set sequence to completely integrate the angelic vibrations.

Are there clearances for the healers after the course? Yes, the Angelic Core Healer is always clearing as does the majority of healers. There are plenty of techniques and meditations to assist in clearing thoughts or emotions we no longer need as we follow the path of Angelic Ascension.

Is there any follow-up support after the course? There are healing groups that meet up every 2-3 weeks for the healer to practise the healing techniques and share their experiences. Also Brian is available for support either over telephone, email or in one to one healing sessions.

When can I practise professionally with Angelic Core Healing? If it feels right you can practise professionally with the public after the 1st level of ACH but only upon completion of the required 16 hours (4 clients x4 sessions) casestudies. It is preferrable to wait until the completion of ACH Level 2 although this is not compulsory.

How is Angelic Core Healing different to other Angelic Healing/Therapy systems? The process of Angelic Core Healing is different to other angelic systems in the public domain. For any of the healers that have trained in any other Angelic Healing/Therapy System there is little or no crossover in information. We have had many Angelic Core Healers who had previously trained in Integrated Energy Therapy and Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy and the healer still learns unique information and healing techniques.

Are there are Course Requirements for doing ACH?
The Angelic Healing Course is not a basic course, the healer is brought into a depth of knowledge and many healing techniques. It is preferred for the healer to be sensitive enough to feel the angelic energies before doing the course. It is recommended for the healer to have already at least completed a basic course in Angelic Healing either/or Integrated Energy Therapy Level 1 & 2, either / or Angel Energy Therapy either / or Reiki Level 1 & 2 or some other form of spiritual healing.


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