ACH as Healing Therapy
Angel Healing
ACH as Healing Therapy
Angelic Core Healing® as a Healing Therapy
The first thing the ACH practitioner will notice that, the healing energy within the client session is dramatically accelerated, as in the healer may only need do 40 to 45 minutes of Angelic Core Healing instead of 60 minutes with another healing system*.  If for example, a client needed 4 sessions of another energy healing therapy, they would require 3 or less depending on the condition with Angelic Core Healing®.  This is because the angelic attunements and meditation the ACH practitioner practises ensures the healer can maintain a high energy vibration during the healing session.
Most clients will fall into a deep state of relaxation or even fall asleep during a healing session as the healer does techniques to gently but effectively release tension and anxiety from the client.
Angelic Core Healing® and the Physical Body
Angelic Core Healing® can assist with helping to heal almost any physical condition as it will quickly realign the energy system and release blockages to help the client’s energy system and immune system rebuild its own self-healing abilities.  The ACH practitioner is never alone in giving a healing treatment to the client, as there is a large team of various Healing Angels and Ascended Masters assisting in the healing session.  The Angelic Core Healer works with a massive range of healing vibrations ranging from Elemental Healing Vibrations to Higher Celestials healing frequencies so can therefore cater for helping to heal a large range of physical complaints and injuries.  If the client is open to it, the ACH healer will give a healing meditative technique to the clients to assist in the acceleration of the client’s self healing thus helping the client to feel more empowered and responsible for their own well being.
Angelic Core Healing® and the Emotional & Mental Body
Angelic Core Healing® is tremendously effective in assisting in healing the emotional and mental body, blocked emotions and stuck thoughts gently release from the energy field of the client during the healing session giving relief and restoring a sense of peace and balance to the client.  Clients feel deep peace during the healing as the healer repairs the client’s emotional centres and help release deeply rooted issues if the client is prepared to let them go.  Brian says the lesson of an emotional trauma is invaluable learning if the client is willing to learn from the emotional experience, the ACH healer will assist in healing the core issue of the emotional or mental imbalance and thus help the client learn from this and move on in their learning on their own life path.
Angelic Core Healing® and the Multidimensional Energy System.
The ACH healers has undergone various different experiences in their own learning in relation to perceiving the effect of various different events outside of this time and space within this lifetime, some people called these past lives, multidimensional healing is more than past life healing, it is healing across all dimensions as simultaneous lifestreams of the client’s soul network.  It is not necessary for the client to believe in past lives to receive a treatment and in most cases, it is the consciousness of the client in this lifetime that needs healing and nurturance.  If the client is open to it and within Divine Order, the ACH healer will assist in raising the consciousness of the client to perceiving a greater clarity and focus within the life path direction of the client.
Please note as with any Responsible Energy Healing System, it is always recommended and encouraged by the Angelic Core Healer for the client to seek medical treatment and medication when needed.  Spiritual healing is supposed to work alongside the Conventional Medical Establishment.
*Brian is always sure to point out every healing system serves a function and purpose.  Some teachers maintain Angelic Healing is ‘better’ than other energy therapies; this is not so, as is known to some, every person in need of healing requires certain frequencies within the healing spectrum. 

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